I stumbled across FreeSet at a recent women’s event and fell head over heels in love with the product and the mission — to bring freedom to the women trapped in the Kolkata’s sex trade.

When Kristi asked me if I wanted to be a part of the 12 Days of Freedom, I couldn’t say YES fast enough.  Y’all I’m PASSIONATE about this ministry!  It amazes me.  This is the hands and feet of Jesus at work.  This company is out there — in the trenches, making a difference to the least of these.  FreeSet is amazing.

This is not just a job for these women — FreeSet teaches them to sew, but the company also teaches them to read and write.  This is something we all take for granted in in the good ol’ US of A, but these women can’t even sign their own names.  FreeSet isn’t just about making fun bags to sell to Americans  — they are about FREEDOM and releasing these women from the shame of the sex trade.

Can you even imagine the lives of these women?  I can’t, but I can support their work.  I can buy these products — and girls, they are fantastic and affordable.  Okay, you are all going to need two or twelve $20 gifts this Christmas and these FreeSet bags make the perfect gift!

Please take the time to look at these bags — they are wonderful quality, you won’t be disappointed!  And you can also have the monogrammed – so cute!!

I want to share a video link with you — FreeSet Video 

PLEASE watch this — it’s six minutes long, but I truly believe it will change the way you see the world today.  I’ll wait right here.

Amazing isn’t it?  Didn’t you love the smiles of those girls.  I was so humbled by these incredible women.  I begged God to forgive me for my whining selfish attitude.  While I’m sitting here asking God to bless my work, these women are struggling to find freedom from slavery and bondage.

Let’s make a commitment to share what we have with our sisters who are struggling to escape the horrors of the sex trade — let’s buy a few $20 bags.  It’s just a bag to us, but it’s a lifeline to these women.

Let’s sell 100 bags!  We can do it!!  Ready ….. Set….. let’s make a difference!!   


Now that I’ve bent your ear, here is Kristi from FreeSet –

Before coming to Freeset, Trina was alone. She grew up on a large piece of land with her parents and three siblings. However when she was 14, she was dealt a cruel blow when her father passed away and most of the family’s land was taken. For three years Trina worked in the homes of villagers, earning enough money to feed her family. At age 17 a local milkman suggested to her mother that she go with him to Calcutta, as he had found a job for her there. He sold her for Rs.5000 (US$95) and she was forced to work in the sex trade.

Years later, while negotiating her daughters’ weddings, Trina quit the (prostitution) line and soon after got a job at Freeset. Now Trina boldly says that she is totally focused on her work at Freeset and her goal is to provide a decent life for her family.

In the beginning Trina could only sew seven or eight bags a day, however now she makes around 60 bags and says that she is doing well in life. The literacy training she has received has been particularly beneficial. “I can sign my name, write my address, and read bus routes, numbers and train destinations. Before the training I was not at all confident in leaving my house, but now I am very independent” she says.

At around 50 years of age, she is very grateful to be working at Freeset. “I am doing well in my life now” she says. “I get more respect in this society – that is my biggest achievement. But I do feel lonely – my husband died last year and sometimes I get scared at night because I live alone. My colleagues at Freeset keep me company whenever I need it.”

Freeset is located in Calcutta, India, helping to free women from human trafficking by providing them employment with dignity through sewing bags. Every woman is provided medical insurance, retirement, daycare for their children, classes to learn how to read and write, and three times the wage they would receive “in line.” Join us every day December 1-12 in Freeset’s Freedom Tour of 12 Days of Freedom with Freeset and become a part of the freedom story. Watch our video, shop our bags, change lives.