Apparently, I’ve been on a blogging break.  Didn’t really mean to do that, but I’ve not had much to say…okay, that’s a lie.  I’ve had plenty to say but most of it was so opinionated that I scared myself when I wrote it.  I stopped writing for a few short weeks, but I’m back and I have SO MUCH to talk about.  First up…..

Originality.  Unique.  Different. 

I like different.  I am not a fan of the cookie cutter anything. 

I love that one funky house in the neighborhood – you know the one.  And on that note, I love old neighborhoods where the houses were each different.  Different styles, different heights, different colors, different sizes… just different.  I am not a fan of the modern subdivision with the six standard house styles, matching mailboxes, and standardized yards w/ approved fences.  I know the whole property value thing… just not my style. 

When I started on this blogging journey in January 2008 one of my favorite things about the blogworld was the uniqueness in the blogs.  Sure there were some cookie cutters (and a few copy cats) but overall there was this wonderful difference in blogs – different voices, different structures, different styles and different designs.   I loved it.  There were no subdivisions with standardized yards, there were just originality popping out everywhere! 

Something is happening…. so many blogs are becoming….well, all the same.   I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve read in the past six months that are copycats.   Where was once a unique blogging voice, I now hear an cheap knock off.   Where I once read fun exploits, I now find promotional posts.   Where I once found different,  I now find….. subdivisions.  Of course, subdivisions give you a collective voice and a more powerful presence.  I’m not knocking it, just saying I miss more of the original voices. 

Sure there are still originals, but commerce is choking off the different.  I realize that I should like the pot telling the kettle it’s black and yes, I do blog for a few different places,  but those are organizational blogs — they aren’t me.  I’m still me, just here doing the blog thing when I remember.  What about you – what’s happening in your blog world?  Are you still walking along on the different path or are you joining the collective voices?