Lori Elrod is battling breast cancer.  She’s fighting it with a faith that blows me away and with a humor that amazes me.  “You have to laugh,” she says. 

Lori is fairly new in my life.  We go to the same church, but didn’t get to know each other until she (and her hubs, David) started teaching my daughter’s Sunday school class.   Paige thinks they’re great. I agree.

Recently Lori asked me to help her with the title for a cookbook she’s doing to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.  Immediately I’m thinking soft, sweet, and poignant.  Lori tells me that the titles they’ve come up with are mostly just funny.  I asked to see them because I’m all about the funny. I laughed – out loud.  I asked her if I could share a few with y’all because …. well, they’re funny.  And none of them made the cover of the cookbook.  Don’t know why.

A Cup of This, A Cup of That…Don’t Let Your Double D’s Go Flat

Bakin’ for Boobs

Not Just Another Cookbook For Your “Rack”

 and my FAVORITE Cookbook Title:

 Boobs and Beer: not a Talladega Race story, we’re grillin’ for awareness

(You may need to be a southernern or a Nascar race fan to get this one).

 After brainstorming through titles, Lori asked my input on name or slogan for her group that is walking in the Awareness walk.  I couldn’t wait to see what she’d come up with

 Here’s a sampling:

Hope 4 Hooters

Hakuna my ta’tas

Walkers 4 Knockers

Hottie Ta’tas

Healthy Hooters

Jogging for Jugs

Big or Small, Let’s save ’em all

Hoofin it for Hooters

Flippin the bird to boobie cancer

Bustin my hump for my lady lump

 And my FAVORITE name / slogan

 Forget the whales, Save the boobs

 I love Lori’s sense of humor.  I love her faith.   I love her commitment to the path that God has placed her on.  She stands on her faith and looks cancer in the eye – and she laughs. 

She’s an inspiration to her daughter, her friends, the girls in her Sunday school class and to me.


Please pray for my funny & beautiful friend Lori. While she stands on faith and laughs at all the stuff that goes with her cancer, I know she has tough days.  Cancer is not for wimps – and Lori is a fighter. 

And don’t forget to get your mammogram!