It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas around here…. okay, no it’s not, but I did get some fun pictures of the cat and some ribbon.

bloggers-retreat-034Wait, what’s happened to me?  There was a time when I took cute pictures of my girls in adorable velvet dresses and big red bows in their hair.  Now, I take pictures of the cat in Christmas boxes.

Have I reached a “certain” age?   Never understood what ‘certain’ means, but  I know I’m at an age where my daughters aren’t remotely interested in putting on velvet jumpers and big red bows and posing for pictures in front of the Christmas tree.

So I take pictures of my cat


And more pictures

bloggers-retreat-048Poor kitty — he looks slightly bored.

And here comes the dog… he’s curious and appears slightly depressed but that’s the way he looks most of the time.  We’re considering counseling.


Kitty is now done with his role as cat model… he’s ready to move on to something more meaningful and fulfilling like mousehunter or lizard killer. He has goals.


As for me and my pictures of my cat.  I don’t think it qualifies me as the crazy cat lady, after all it’s only one cat.

What are you taking pictures of this Christmas season?