It was just a small bit of dust along the baseboard.

But I LOVED it!

This tiny bit of dust was not at my house, it was at a friend’s house.

She’s my clean friend — you know the one.  She ALWAYS has the perfect house.  Everything is in place even when you just drop by.  Very unlike my house which is often somewhere between out of order and utter chaos.   If you drop by, you’re likely find magazines and books lying in the floor by the chair… and on the love seat and over on the desk.  (I like to read!)

Cleaning baseboards is not something I like to do — I do like them TO BE cleaned, I just don’t want to do it.  And since I don’t do it or have a regular cleaning crew my baseboards are just sad.  Really sad.  I like to believe that no one looks at them because they are so low — and really, does anyone care?  I believe I’ve made it clear that I don’t.

My friend?  She LOVES to clean, straighten, organize and make it all look good.  I want my house to look good too, I just don’t want to expend the energy doing it.  I like to write, read, plan and dream.

For years I’ve felt so housekeeping inadequate around her — but then I saw that little pile of dust and I grinned.  Even she has dusty baseboards sometimes.

Life really isn’t ALL or NOTHING — it’s a blend of the two.  Sometimes our baseboards are super clean and sometimes they aren’t.

So if you drop by and look at my baseboards, they will be dusty — but I’m okay with that.  Because sometimes they are clean.  And maybe my dusty baseboard will bless you, just like my friend’s dust blessed me.

What about you?  What has blessed you today?