My book, God, Grace, and Girlfriends: Adventures in Faith & Friendship, released yesterday and I was BLOWN away by this incredible online community.  Text messages, facebook mentions, tweets, voice mails, emails  and even a few Hey Tell messages came my way.  Words of congratulations, encouragement, and support.  Prayers and praises.  I was blessed by each one.   With every new one that came my way, I thanked God for this amazing adventure of faith and friendship!

I have to tell y’all something — I didn’t expect ANY of this.  Honestly, I was hoping a few people would notice and maybe buy a book.  Last night about 9pm a friend told me to check the book on Amazon — and I saw this:

 Seems  the book is temporarily out of stock!  God is so amazing!  He just blows my socks off!!  While I was concerned that no one would notice the release, much less buy the book, God was orchestrating something so much bigger than I could ask or imagine!

Thank you to everyone who sent a message, said a prayer, made a call or thought of the book.   To God be ALL the glory !  He is so very GOOD!