I just got home from my first cruise as the official Premier Christian Cruises group sales coordinator.  I had a blast and learned a lot.  One great lesson came from my flip flops.

It was my BIG event — I was thrilled to be showcasing my group leaders.   And even more thrilled that so many of the speakers and musical artists on the Girl’s Get A Way cruise had agreed to stop by and say hello to my group leaders.

It had been two very long cruising days filled with fun and laughter and very little sleep.  I put on my Premier Christian Cruise shirt,  my new cute jeans and slipped on a pair of yellow box sandals before heading off to dinner.  There wouldn’t be enough time between dinner and the event to change again – so I came prepared.

The group leaders and guests showed up for the event along with all manner of speakers and artists – and Nicole C Mullin (I was just a little starstruck) and she had on the most AMAZING pair of shoes!

I felt slightly inadequate but at least my flipflops were sparkly—if you can’t rock a pair of amazing high heels, at least be sparkly.  That’s my motto…. well, it would be if I had a motto, which I don’t, but you get the point, right?

We mingled and took pictures, laughed and talked for an hour or so.  Everyone slowly cleared out and I made my way to the booth to work my shift for the evening.   I kicked my shoes off – aching feet and all.

When I went to put them back on…. this is what I found


Not only were the shoes different colors one was a an 8.5 and the other a size 6.  Wow!  My feet were aching, but you’d think I would notice that difference, but I didn’t.

After I laughed my head off… almost literally, but not because that would mean was head is now gone, oh whatever.  After I laughed I thought about the whole thing — my biggest event and I wear mismatched shoes — how appropriate that is for me.  I always seem to be doing something that is outside my comfort zone…. but I do it anyway.  Like wearing two shoes that don’t match — if you’re going to do it, do it with poise and confidence.  Which is just what I had as I made my way to our cabin and found the RIGHT mate to my shoe.

Have you ever worn mismatched shoes? or some other equally sad fashion faux pas?