I am so excited to be participating in Shellie Rushing Tomlinson’s A Heart Wide Open Christmas that I can barely contain myself!   If you haven’t signed up yet, then run do it now   — I’ll wait right here (just click this link here —–> A Heart Wide Open Christmas)

Okay, you’re back… see I said I would wait for you.   Shellie invited me and three other ladies to join her on this journey.  We are each taking turns posting / hosting the blog hop:

These are some amazing women and I wonder how I got on this list… but I’ll just chalk it up to God’s blessing and move on.

Today’s Advent prompt is

God always desires to conceive in us a bigger vision than the one we’re imagining! #HeartWideOpen


If you are around me long enough, I will tell you how much I love my job and how blessed I am to get to do this.  I’m the director of business development for Premier Vacation & Events.  My job is to dream up amazing charter cruise ideas and then take those dreams and make them a reality.  Of course, I have an amazing team of people who work alongside me.   God has blessed me with this job.  Ten years ago, I would have never thought I would get to do something so fun that combines my love of Jesus, my love of travel and the fun of negotiating.   But God had it planned.

God always wants more for us than we can even conceive.  His plan is always a better one.

Last night I was thinking about this very thing — what job would I want if I didn’t have this one….

I thought of two great jobs:

Creating  the sayings on the Taco Bell sauce packets

OPI Nail Polish namer (is namer a word, if not it should be).

Both of these are so fun and creative.  I can just imagine sitting with a group of people and coming up with Punched out Pink or Blah Blah Boring Beige …. okay, maybe I don’t have what it takes to be a nail polish namer, but a gal can dream.

I don’t know what the Lord has for me next but I know this, it will be more than I can imagine.