Many of you have popped in from the Internet Cafe — welcome. For you regular readers, all seven of you, I’m a contributor writer with the Christian Women Online’s Internet Cafe– pop over there today and take a look. It’s a wonderful community and I’m honored to be among this talented group.

If you’ve come from the Internet Café today, you’ve read my devotion on turning away from being a “sort of” sold out Christian. I’m still a work in progress, but the Lord is good and He’s worthy of all the praise I can give (I don’t give enough, but that’s a blog for another day).

As I struggled to put together a witty, charming and deeply spiritual blog, I hit a brick wall. I don’t mean just bumped into it, I slammed into it doing about 90 mph. I wrote some really cute stuff – an analogy of my life as a rollercoaster (wooden and clunky, not the smooth steel one), but it wasn’t right. I wrote about joy in my life (and I have the joy of the Lord), but that wasn’t right. I wrote about something else (I’ve completely forgotten that one, but I think it was good, let’s hope so). None of these were right, but I thought they were fun and witty, but they weren’t the words that the Lord would have me to write. I deleted them, but not until after some whining.

I’m trying so hard to listen to Him and follow Him, but I must tell you I really wanted to share that cute rollercoaster thing – I liked it. I even had a bit of rebellion with the Lord, but He quickly reminded me that He is in charge. And that’s so true. Whenever I drive this …..rollercoaster (it’s okay here)… I manage to crash completely or at least get one wheel off the track – not a good ride. We’re much better off when He’s at the wheel.

My grace is sufficient for you for power is perfected in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

My grace is sufficient for you – wow! that’s an amazing statement, when you think about it. God’s grace is sufficient. It’s enough. It’s all that I need. I can definitely understand that grace today – I live under it. It’s His grace that gets me through the day. In the last few months I’ve struggled with being over scheduled, overstressed and, at times, overwhelmed, but His grace is sufficient.

It’s when I’m at my wit’s end that I realize just how sufficient His grace is. It’s when the deadline is looming, the job is overwhelming, and the checkbook is low that I realize just how sufficient His grace is. And not only do I realize His grace, but I also realize that He cares for me. He picks me up – repeatedly – and forgives me when I lose sight of Him and neglect my time with Him.

I’ll continue to be a work in progress, but I know that the Lord delights in me and I in Him. I know that He is my strength and my joy. I know that in Him I will find grace, forgiveness and love.

So, I’m off to soak in His grace – I need a measure (or two) of it. I’m just days away from a book deadline, but I know that the Lord has the words for me and I’m trusting Him – of course, He’s telling me that I need to plant myself at the keyboard and stay away from blogs, email, and news feeds. Focus. That’s my prayer today – focus.

In his grip