This title sounds like a great devotional or book… and who knows maybe I’ll write something like this one day.  Not today.  Today is about odd suggestions and weird search terms. 

I checked the google search words people used to find my site.  Interesting stuff.

Several people put in the words ‘Beth Moore Cruise’ and found me.  Bless their hearts, bet they were disappointed.   Don’t know if Beth is doing a cruise, but if you’re reading this trying to find out check out the LPM blog

‘Angie Cottrell please forgive me’ is one of the search terms. Yikes.  I don’t  know Angie Cottrell so I don’t think I’ve offended her.  But I do read her hubby, Travis’ blog.  I’ll see if I can get him the message that someone is asking Angela for forgiveness.

The search that has me really confused is   ‘amphetamines Bible verse.’  I don’t know what this searcher is seeking.  Don’t even want to guess. 

And now to the recommendations.

Stumble Upon is a site/ thing/ activity or all the above that …. I really don’t get stumble upon, but that’s okay.  I don’t get a lot of this Internet stuff.   I still signed up for it.  They probably promised me a I-Pod Touch or something else….and I’m a sucker for anything free. Sadly the free stuff never gets here. 

Back to the Stumble Upon, they are so kind to send me recommendations of sites that I might like based on my interests (Christianity and Writing).  The latest recommendations are for:

Self Cleaning Hair  &  How to Be a Morning Person

Neither of these interest me AT ALL.  I don’t want to self clean my hair, I want a personal shampoo person.  As for morning person?  Please.  I don’t care for mornings — at all.   I find all that peace and quiet morning people talk about after midnight.  It’s peaceful after midnight.