You KNOW you are called to speak, but you don’t know where to start?

God has given you a message to share, do you know how to share it? 

Telling your story is how you get booked to speak!  The more opportunities, the more impact! 

Enter StorySpire™ Strategy 

Stories move hearts and change lives.

Stories engage the heart, inspire the soul, and connect us to God’s greater narrative.

Stories inspire people to live out their faith with passion and purpose.

Stories have the power to transform lives, but only when we know how to find, refine, and leverage those stories.

Knowing your story means you get booked to share it!!

Discover the power of story that will elevate your message with the StorySpire™ Strategy – a comprehensive 4-week journey designed to unearth, polish, and present the stories that resonate with your audience and inspire them to live out their faith more fully.

Through this intensive and intentional 4-week program, I’ll take you on a storytelling journey that will ignite hearts and inspire change like never before.

Here’s my signature framework and what the StorySpire Strategy will open up.

Tailored Story Discovery

Begin with a one on one deep dive into the heart of your message.  Working together we’ll uncover the compelling narratives of God’s faithfulness.  We’ll craft a message as unique as your calling.

Expert Crafting Techniques

Learn how to shape and finesse these stories to capture attention, engage emotions and point people to Christ.

Strategic Storytelling

Gain the tools to tell these stories in a way that not only communicates truth but compels others to embrace God’s vision for their lives.

Weekly Group Meetings

Join me via Zoom for a weekly group meeting where we will work on your message, talk techniques and practice speaking. 

Personalized Feedback

Four one-on-one coaching sessions with Mary, uncover your unique message and amplify your strengths. Receive expert guidance and tailored feedback to enhance your delivery and impact. Transform your voice from ordinary to extraordinary.

Personalized Support

From start to finish, you’re not alone. Enjoy personalized guidance to ensure your storytelling is impactful and authentic. 

Your 5-Week Roadmap

Pre Event


Kick-off the program with a 1:1 introductory session to identify the core stories that embody your God-given message. We’ll work together to find the narratives that have the power to move hearts and inspire change.



Over these weeks, you’ll learn how to hone your stories, making them more effective and ready to share with power and purpose. Expect to transform raw narratives into polished testimonies of God’s faithfulness. We’ll kick off with a group Zoom meeting to talk story and storytelling strategies, and then we’re on to story crafting!



The Celebration of Storytelling: It’s time to shine! This week, we’ll focus on the art of telling your stories with confidence and charisma, celebrating the journey that you’ve taken.

Week 5


In our concluding session, we’ll strategize on how to leverage your new storytelling skills to maximize impact and get booked to share your message. 

If you’re ready to take your message to a new level,  join the StorySpire Strategy program and ignite the spark of change through storytelling.

Are you ready to elevate your voice and turn stories into a beacon of hope, healing, and spiritual growth?
Let’s begin this transformative journey together.

Cost is only $497



When does the program start?

Friday July 26 at 12 noon CST

What’s the weekly time commitment?

Attend weekly group calls, work through the story mining and refining. Commit to record your story video for review and coaching.  You will get more value out of the program if you can commit time to engage with the community, attend coaching calls, and create your videos. This can be done in approximately 2-3  hours per week.

Where does coaching take place?

StorySpire™ Strategy takes place virtually via a weekly group zoom meeting & 20 min one on one coaching sessions with Mary.  You’ll book the times/ days that work for your schedule. 

What’s the investment?

The StorySpire ™ Strategy is a one time investment of $497.