I’m heading  home today from She Speaks (a writer & speaker conference).  Women with a heart to reach the Kingdom through written and spoken words gather together to connect, grow and share for one weekend each year in North Carolina.  It’s been a breathtaking and life-changing weekend.

I came without expectation.  No book to pitch, no plans to prospect for speaking engagements– I came hands open wide and heart ready to receive whatever God would entrust to me.  At least I thought I did.

I met up with two of my dearest girlfriends — Melinda Garman and Karen Barrows. We had a  couple of days pre-conference for catching up and laughter.  We also talked about our upcoming road-trip  in the Spring of 2012.   Route 66 from Oklahoma City to Santa Monica, California.  Yes, Route 66 — the old Mother Road, the road that no longer exists on maps  but lives on in the hearts of those who love to travel.

The whole plan is  FILLED with FUN!  And it will be fun, but God has more for us on that road.  He has hearts and stories.  The stories from the women who are walking this faith out.  Women who are struggling to make it through the day.  Women who are suffering and women who are rejoicing.  Stories of great joy and stories of sadness.

This weekend I heard just snippets and tiny morsels of stories.  And I knew we are all His story.  We make up this story.

What started out as a fun way to market my book, God, Grace, and Girlfriends, has turned into something altogether different.  It’s about the stories.  Your story, her story, all those stories.  We all have a story and we all need someone willing to listen.

And that’s what the Route 66 trip is all about — stories from the Road.  I want to hear those stories, but how?

That’s my question to you.  How can I hear ALL the stories that I’ll encounter?  Sure, there will be stops and gatherings along the way, but I don’t want to miss even ONE word of someone’s story.  How can that work?

I’m all ears– and I love hearing your ideas.