Arnold Schwarzenegger made a movie by this title in the late 1970s.  I’ve never seen it and I’m not endorsing it – just a little fact that I thought I’d toss in for free.  Thank me later.

I’ve talked about this journey I’m on – one that has me getting rid of all the filler and fluff in my life.  All the stuff that keeps me busy, but does little else.  The stuff that distracts me from where God is calling me because it looks good to me and to those around me.

It’s the stuff that people praise me for.  It’s stuff that gets me noticed.  It’s  stuff that I LIKE because I like to be praised and I like to be noticed.  It’s the fluff in my life.

While I’m trimming back the fluff, I’m noticing something.  I need to stay hungry for Him.  It’s when I’m hungry that I seek Him out.

When I’m hungry I make time to be in His Word and with Him.

When I’m hungry ‘quiet time’ isn’t something I check off a list, it’s something that saturates my day.

Hungry is good.  Hungry means I’m looking to Him.

Hungry means I carve out time to be with Him.

Hungry means I make Him a priority in my life instead of an item on my to do list.

My prayer is that I STAY HUNGRY for Jesus.  I pray that I’m never full or content, that I’m always looking, seeking, searching for MORE Jesus in my day and in my life.