In two days I’m attending Deeper Still, Birmingham.  This is a huge conference with speakers Kay Arthur, Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer.  I’ve attended lots of conferences, but this one is special to me.  Over a year ago I was asked to serve on the city team along with my sweet friend, Robyn.  It’s been an amazing year filled with new friends, fun, and lots of prayers. 

I’m excited about the worship and the messages God has given these three ladies.  In fact, I have that anxious feeling in my spirit – it’s like I know something big is just ahead.  And it is.  I know God will use this weekend to change lives and hearts.  I’m praying that He is glorified in all that happens this weekend. 

I’m also excited about hanging out with friends I rarely get to see – blogging, twitter, and Facebook friends who I only get to see once in a blue moon (and since I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue moon, that’s REALLY rare).  There are others I’ve yet to meet face to face!   These wonderful & weird world of online friendships has blessed me beyond measure.  I’ve met so of the MOST incredible women and I’m not going to start naming names for fear of leaving one out because of my faulty brain & not because each one is equally precious to me. 

I know that I’ll be beyond excited to see so many face to face and my prayer is that I don’t step OVER the one the Lord places in front of me to reach the one I want to meet.   Because this is the way I usually operate….I see someone across the room and I step right over the girl the Lord has placed before me to get to the one I see across the room.  I chalk up to gnat-like attention span and the fact that I’m easily distracted by something shiny….. and isn’t the something far away often shinier than the something in front of us? 

Okay, that was one strange analogy, but I hope you get my meaning. 

There will be lots of wonderful women at Deeper Still this weekend and I wish I could HUG the neck of each one of you!  I do!!  I hope I meet every one of you but my prayer is I SEE the one the Lord places before me. 

I hope to see you there!! 

I’ll be down front wearing black pirate boots…. should be easy to spot, right?