I KNOW I am southern… and I speak with a southern accent.  I know this because people from other areas tell me this a LOT.  So when I hear a recording of myself you would think the whole southern accent wouldn’t shock me — but it does.  Don’t know why… it just does.

I recently spoke on the Girl’s Get-A-Way cruise and a sweet friend recorded the whole thing.  I needed a bit of video of me speaking to share with groups who are interested in booking me and to use in my 2012 Christmas video…. and I’m totally kidding about that second one.

My sweet friend, Kim, recorded my entire 35 minute talk with my little FlipVideo  — she’s a major trooper and a dear friend!

I’ve put five minutes of it on my Speaking Info page, but I just wanted to let you know in case you’ve ever wondered just what southern sounds like on me. But, let me caution you, the video is 5 minutes long…. and if you’re like me 5 minutes is just a bit much.  So if you want to watch, feel free to shut me up at the 1 minute mark.  I’ll never know.

You’ll find that video right here.

Have fun!!