The snow started drifting down last night – and now we have about a foot of snow on the ground, the porch, the roof, the car, the road, the trees. It’s truly a winter wonderland. Oh, did I mention that I’m not home, yet. We’re still up in the Smoky Mountains – at about 2500 feet and snowed in. And we only have healthy food. YIKES. The snow is great, but the healthy food was more of a concept type thing. I like to bring healthy food as an option to all the wonderful vacation food I usually eat. I’m just going to be thankful that I have food to eat. We could be stuck sucking on altoids mints and scavenging for berries or something.

I love looking at the snow, but it’s hard to walk in (well, I should say it’s hard to shuffle in, because what I was doing could hardly be called walking). It’s cold and wet, too. Yes, I know that should be obvious, but I am one of those people who has to touch everything she sees. I touch clothes before I buy them – I want them to feel just right. So, I walk (shuffle) out in the snow and reach out for a handful – yikes! it’s cold. But it’s pretty powdery snow – you blow it and it floats away. Of course, without a snow blower, I doubt I can huff and puff blow all this snow away.

Our porch — check out the depth of the snow on the rocking chair!! It’s really deep.

Road by our chalet

In front of our chalet — yikes that’s a lot of snow!

This morning, I was praying that the Lord would give me the words to write today and the ability to keep my fanny in the chair (I love the writing process, but I struggle with the keeping my fanny in the chair part). I looked out the window and just laughed. God knows the struggle I have, so He placed me in a cabin on the mountains and sent the largest snowfall of the year. I love it. So, I sat in the chair (most of the time) and I wrote. I wrote about friendships and the fun of finding new friends. I wrote about Bible study with friends. Friends and Bible study –two of my favorite things. And they go together like hot cocoa and mini marshmallows (can you tell I’m in a snowed in mood).

Bible study is how I got to know my best girlfriends – we studied God’s word together, we prayed together, and we grew (spiritually) together (okay, I admit that I’ve put on a few pounds in the last few years, but let’s not focus on that). We shared our lives and our struggles with each other. We laughed together and we got involved in each other’s lives. These women became some of my dearest friends.
So, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to be asked to co-lead Bible study at my new church, Union Hill Baptist. I know that God has some great things for this new group and I pray that they will find some of their dearest friends among each other (and who knows, maybe I’ll find a few myself).

God, in all His amazing wisdom, has put me here in the middle of this stunning wonderland. Just looking around I’m mesmerized by the beauty that surrounds me. So, here I am writing about the blessings of friends and the responsibility of Bible study while snowed-in. I pause in the middle of all of this and thank God for this blessing – the blessing that is my life. I’m blessed with a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally, with great daughters, who miss me a little when I’m not around, with fantastic friends who I miss, and with a great church family that allows me to just be me. Isn’t God great?!