After several days in the Grand Tetons we headed north to Yellowstone – and the great town of West Yellowstone.  Oh my, I love this place.  The town is small and has some of the typical tourist-y stuff, but it also has some great fun and funky elements. (Like the old Union Pacific train station that’s now the Courthouse.)

And history – oh the history of this town. I would love to tell you EVERYTHING I learned, but I doubt I get it right so let me just say that West Yellowstone has some great stories.


West Yellowstone was our base as we explored the north part of Yellowstone and what an amazing adventure.


The beauty of this place is breathtaking – and amazing.

And the town was wonderful – slow paced and gracious. The people are not in a hurry —
I think it comes from dealing with seven months of deep snow and cold temperatures.

I thought about how much I see God’s hand in the creation of Yellowstone.  The sky seems bigger and more blue.  The mountains stretch all the way to the heavens and the lakes seem crystal clear – it’s a magical place. I know God’s creation is around me no matter where I am – it’s in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and it’s in the red headed woodpecker that hangs out in the tree by my office window.


His hand is evident in the HUGE and in the tiny.   Sometimes it takes me slowing down to  truly appreciate the amazing the work of His hands..

What has God shown you today?  What beauty is right before you?