It was just a stack of buy one get one free Joe Boxer PJs.  It wasn’t like I was going after a flat screen tv, a camera, a GPS or even a stick vacuum ( the one item I wanted to score). 


 I just wanted to find a pair of Lrg PJs – not too much to ask. 

I thought I’d found the perfect pair , I pulled from the bottom of the stack when WHAM!  it happened. 

The 8 lb weight landed smack dab on top of my foot!  Ouch!  It hurt. A lot.

Why are these PJs booby trapped?  Is there more to this stack of flannel than meets the eye?  My Mom grabbed a passing employee and asked why the weight was under the PJs.  “Guess someone left it there,” was her response.

In my pain-riddled state that made sense but now, I just don’t get it.  What woman gets so upset about her shopping adventure that she strategically places an 8 lb hand weight under stacks of Joe Boxer PJs?  and more importantly why?  What does she hope to gain? Seriously.

I can see picking up the weight and thinking “oh, I’ll get this and kick start my exercise resolution before the New Year even gets here.”   I can also see abandoning the idea before I get to the register, but I don’t get the part about burying the weight under the PJs.  I’m not a fan of exercise either.  Go figure.

I’m sporting a really pretty blue bruise right on top of my foot. 

I hobbled around the store.  Decided not to buy anything and made my way out.  I had missed out on my stick vacuum at Wal-Mart and was wounded at the competitor’s place.  I headed over the Target to try to lay hands on a stick vacuum.


I am now the proud owner of a $10 Shark stick vac!  Life is good.

For my Black Friday adventure I have one appliance and a bruise.  Not much more in the material / physical sense.  Now, the other stuff was the best.  I spent the day with my two daughters and my Mom — three generations laughing and shopping.  Good stuff.

We didn’t have a plan or really a list, we just wanted two stick vacuums (a pink one and a green one) but we landed two purple ones.  My bruise will soon match the vac. 

Life will now return to what passes for normal at my house until the next big holiday….oh, wait, we’re in the season now.  More on the wonderful Christmas season.

I hope your black Friday adventures were less painful than mine and I would love to hear your stories.