She Speaks Conference is coming up and I know y’all are thinking — “she speaks enough, the last thing she needs is to go to a conference about speaking and learn to speak more. Is there a Be Quiet Conference?  We’ll sign  her up for that. “  But it’s more than just speaking — a whole lot more. 

She Speaks is the brainchild of Proverbs 31 Ministries and it’s amazing – at least that’s what I’ve heard, since I haven’t had the chance to go….yet! It’s one of those things that’s been on my radar for such a long time but I’ve just not been able to make it happen.

It’s a conference for speakers, writers, ministry leaders,  or bloggers.  The areas are titled:

She Speaks –workshops for speakers and speakers-to-be

She Writes – workshops for writers, published and those who will one day be published

She Leads – for  ministry leaders

She Influences – for young women ages 12-17

She Blogs – for all manner of bloggers from beginner to advanced

And the speakers!  Oh my!  There are so many incredible speakers – just pop over to the session descriptions and check it out!

I’m telling you this is one GREAT lineup – I’m just wondering how I can get there? 

When I sold Girlfriends, God, and Grace to Thomas Nelson in early 2008 I thought  “Yippee, I can go!” But it just didn’t happen.  Probably has something to do with that whole wedding for our oldest girl.   

I just knew I’d make it in 2009 and it would be right on the heels of the book release.  I was jazzed – then the book was canceled right before Christmas.  Merry Christmas to me.   That will knock your pride down a notch or four.  It was a tough blow, but God is working it out and it’s truly a blessing. 

Then baby girl decides to turn 16 – what’s up with that.  And it was car shopping time.  And then the economy takes a serious nosedive!  I just couldn’t make it happen between car costs, rising insurance ( teen driver– yikes), and the whole economy tanking. 

I resigned myself to no She Speaks this year. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to go — I do.   I want to learn more about speaking, writing, and blogging.  Geez, I need work in all areas.   I want to fellowship with Christian writers.  I have such a desire to spend time with women who are called to write for the Lord. I love my local girlfriends, but their eyes just glaze over when I start talking writing stuff.  I want to get to know some Christian writers, speakers, and bloggers.  I want to know who to call pm when I hit that snag.   I want to learn from them – and I bet their eyes won’t glaze over  when I start talking that writing stuff.  But it looks like She Speaks 2009  isn’t happening for me.

And then  POOF!  I read  Lysa Terkeurst’s post about the conference scholarship giveaway!  I just love her even more than before! How cool is this chick!! 

So here I am trying tossing my hat (and heart) into this ring.  I’m sure the judges will pick just the right person – I just hope that person is me.

It’s an odd calling this writing and speaking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly blessed to be called to it. I’m just blown away that the God of the Universe has called us into a relationship with Him — doesn’t that just give you goosebumps.  

God has called me to  encourage women to seek a deeper relationship with Him and in the midst of all of this He’s blessed me with some incredible girlfriends in my life.   I would love the chance to meet a few more.  There’s something so powerful in the fellowship of Christian women.  It charges my batteries.  It helps my spirit and it gives me great joy!   I hope I’m picked, but I know the right person will be.

If you’re interested in going – check it out at She Speaks and leave me a comment.  Who knows maybe I’ll win and we can be roomies!