Have you ever balanced a see-saw?

You shift your weight from one foot to the next to keep the board balanced.   It’s a struggle to find just the right spot to stand and once you’re there you have hold still.  No moving.  No shifting. No changing.

You can also balance a see-saw with a friend.  She sits across from you.  She pushes you up and holds you there. When you shifts, she shifts.  When you move, she moves.  It’s like a dance, this balancing act.  The movements go from HUGE to barely noticeable as you find your balance.

Friendships are like see-saws — in the beginning there are ups and downs, but as time progresses and you get to know one another more, you find your balance.

Even as you find your balance, you will still have some ups and downs — it’s the nature of the see-saw and of  life.

I recently hit a low place, my fanny was stuck in muck and mire and my see saw wasn’t going anywhere.  It was selfish pride.  I felt left out, looked over, ignored.  I was slap eat up with jealousy (that’s a good ol’ Southern phrase) .  I emailed some dear friends — the ones who balance me out — and asked for prayer.  One of those sweet friends sent me a funny reply that reminded me just how silly and petty I was being — she balanced me.

I need friends who truly balance me.  I don’t need people to agree with whatever I say — goodness knows I say some goofy stuff.

I need friends who will look me square in the eye and say ‘no, that’s not okay.  You are acting <silly, petty, mean, whatever the case may be> and I expect more from you.”

I need friends who hold me accountable.

I need friends who push me to be more like Christ.  I need friends who remind me that I’m called to do His will, not my own. I need friends who push me beyond myself and into God’s will.

I need friends who balance me.  I’m blessed to have some see saw friends.  What about you?

Are your friends balancing you?  Holding you accountable? And asking you to look beyond yourself?