It was an odd email – will you review this upcoming ABC television show? What? Why me?  Maybe someone over at ABC has heard about my love of reality TV or maybe they just got the wrong email.  Whatever the reason, after reading a bit about the show I decided to say yes. 

After agreeing to a LIST of ‘nots’ – do NOT download, do NOT copy, do NOT share, do NOT….. and I didn’t.  I just watched…. and I was blown away. 

Secret Millionaire is a reality show about millionaires who want to make a difference.  For one week, the millionaire goes undercover in a poverty stricken area and lives in poverty while she looks for volunteer opportunities.  

This first episode featured Dani Johnson, a young, beautiful self-made millionaire and the opportunities she found.

  The Love Kitchen – two sweet adorable 80+ year old twin sisters who decided 25 years ago that their rural town, just outside of Knoxville,  needed a way to feed the hungry.  Those sweet women grabbed my heart with the love they exuded.  And when one said ‘the Lord sent you,’ my heart just about burst.  Little did this sweet woman know that Dani was a millionaire, she just thought Dani wanted to help cook food. 

The music school and the special rooms for seriously ill children – precious work.  Good work!

At the end of the show, Dani goes back and gives away $100,000 to the organizations – and let me tell you, grab the tissues.  You’re going to cry.

Secret Millionaire is doing what needs to be done.  This show, these people, are going beyond their own lifestyles to see, experience and live in the need of the world around them.  This is about so much more than the money – it’s about the relationships, it’s about changed lives, opened eyes, and breaking hearts. 

I LOVE this show – and I believe it’s also a word of caution to the church.  What are we doing to experience the lives of those right around us?  Are we casting off the luxuries and conveniences of our daily lives to live in the need around us? 

Watch Secret Millionaire – the pilot aired tonight, but my ABC affiliate is repeating it and it’ll be back next week on ABC Sunday nights. 

I want to hear how you think we, the church, can take this idea and run with it.  How can we DO this thing?