After much planning, lots of prayer, and more than one panic attack — I have finally laid out the plans and dates for the Route 66 Road Trip.   Actually, I can’t take the credit — Melinda Garman is my planning partner.  We’ve spent hours hashing over details, mapping out routes, locating the best (and kitschiest ) spots along the way and creating a plan for this wild adventure.

 As I’ve prayed over this trip — I’ve had a few panic attacks :

what if people can’t understand my Southern twang?  What if I over hug? ( I’ve been know to do this — three hugs at a first meeting.   Goodness, what then? )

And what if no one shows up at the bookstores, restaurants, or to just hey out on the road?  What then?

I know the Lord has some amazing adventures ahead and I’m setting aside all these questions because I’m not doing this for anyone but Him.  The entire trip is about glorifying Him.  He is giving me a message to share out on the road — a message about foundations, roads and adventures.  A message about His love and His provision — a message that is meant to be shared with girlfriends far and wide.

So, I’m just a little bit terrified, but it’s okay — because I’ll hit the road in His strength.  There will be lots of prayer, laughter, and friendships made on the road — and I so hope that I see you out there!

Here are a few details:

We start out in Oklahoma City on April 10th — and we’ll hit the road, the Mother Road (aka Route 66) heading for Los Angeles.  We are planning stops in:

Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California

There are so many layers to the trip.  We want to meet so many of you out on the road so we’re planning some stops are bookstores, churches, ice cream parlors  and coffee shops along the way.  And giveaways!  Oh my at the stuff we are giving away!  And I have one HUGE prize that I’m so excited about but I’m not at liberty to share… just yet.  But it is WONDERFUL!

Will we see you out there?