My book, God, Grace, and Girlfriends: Adventures in Faith & Friendship releases today!   I feel like I should mark the occasion in some way — like maybe putting on makeup and brushing my hair?  Nah, we’re girlfriends.  I’m just going to sit here in my Snuggie and write to you — pretend I look presentable, okay?

I’ve had people ask me what I have planned for today  — and my answer is… well, nothing.  I was thinking about making some chili tonight and then catching up on my much-neglected DVR.  So really, nothing.

Book release.  Doesn’t that sound like we have the book trapped in a holding pen and this is the day of escape?  I know, I think it does too!

In some ways this visual does showcase the book — it seems as if I’ve held  onto most of the stories and the adventures for far too long. I’ve kept them boxed up and on a shelf.  It’s time to let everything go  —  even though I’m just a bit terrified that someone will say something mean about the book (and they probably will) or not like it (that will probably happen, too), I’m also thrilled, too.  But above all else  I’m honored and humbled that the Lord has allowed me to share this part of my story.  I pray that it reaches out to women who are stumbling and struggling through friendships — women who are just like me.   I pray that God uses each word for His glory!

I’m thrilled y’all are coming along on this journey — now, let the adventure begin!!!