I’m sitting in the Orlando airport waiting to fly home.  It’s been a long two weeks and an amazing two cruises.  I have a blast onboard working with the guests, but I’m wiped out when I’ make it home.  And then there is re-entry and I’m not even talking about the room stewards and constant food – this is re-entry from the high energy social contact, incredible Christian music and speakers to my everyday life…which isn’t constant high energy, it’s fun, but I don’t operate at cruise level all the time.  I can’t, it would kill me. 

It’s still a shock to my system not to have that constant interaction with people.  I miss the noise of the cruise and the ‘aha’ moments when I finally put a name with a face!  I miss the connections but I’m thankful for the joy of coming together for just a few days and I’m thankful for a job that allows me to travel and to connect to people. 

I’m always a little sad when cruise season is over (we don’t cruise again until November 2011) but I’m also ready for the break. I need to recharge.  I’m excited to be speaking at two different churches in March.  I’m thrilled that my schedule now allows me to spend hours in the Word – studying, absorbing, memorizing, and enjoying. I’m excited about what the Lord has in store for me this year. 

I feel as if I’m the EDGE of something new and I’m thrilled and a little nervous.  No matter what I’m doing, cruising, writing, or speaking—my desire is to be in the CENTER of God’ will.

And I’m also a little sad that I won’t have a room steward cleaning up my room twice a day and leaving me cute towel animals. 

Can’t  wait to share this journey with you.