This last week has been interesting as I battled off the flu bug.  I don’t know what I had, but it was rough week.  But here I am, out on the other side, exhausted, but back.

While I was down for the count, I thought about stuff — just random stuff. Here are some of the things that crossed my mind:

I miss the days pre-caller id.  Answering the phone was an adventure.

How did I function before I had a Blackberry (which I’ve only had for about 2 months)?  Apparently there was a time that I didn’t check my email 456 a day.  Go figure.

What did I do before DVR?  No wonder I didn’t watch much tv, it’s too hard trying to schedule it in with all my email checking.

Is big hair ever coming back?  And don’t try to show me some flat hair style with a bit of pouf and call it big hair.  No.  Big hair is BIG!  REALLY Big.  We’re talking Pink-hair lady on TBN big…. well, that’s a bit over the top, even for me.

How did 80s fashion slip back in style?  Who let that happen?  Do we REALLY want ruffle skirts again?  That was not a good look in 1984 and it’s not like wine, it has not gotten better with time. Take it from someone who once wore a ruffled skirt — don’t do it.  You will regret it.

Will the BIGBOW return with all things 80s?  Oh, how I despised the BIGBOW.  I’m just not a bow wearing kind a girl.  I loved the funky jewelry and belts of the 80s and I adored the leggings, but I said NO to the bow.  I will continue that stand.  In my opinion if you’re over 12, you don’t need a bow the size of a dinner plate on your head or your backside.

So, there you have it.  My rambling thoughts over the past week.  Hope your week was good — and may you never wear ruffled skirts or giant bows.  Unless that’s your thing and then, by all means, wear them with pride!