Have you ever had a blog post you just felt you needed to write, but didn’t want to?   Or for all those non-bloggers out there, a statement you needed to make but struggled for just the right words.   So you put it off for days and weeks and before you know it months have passed…. and that thing you needed to say… you still have this incredible pressing need to say it.   This is about the time I usually just stand up and say ‘okay God! I get it and I’ll do it, but I hope no one gets mad at me.”

This is that post — and it’s been on my heart for a long time.  I’ve struggled with it — because I don’t want to misunderstood and because I want y’all to like me.   That’s my people pleasing insecurity rearing it’s ugly head. But back to this post….here goes.

I love to sit under a powerful Biblical teacher and I’ve been honored to learn from so many.  I thank the publishers of incredible Bible studies for giving me that chance.

I’ve been blessed to attend amazing events where I’ve heard great teachers and speakers share biblical insights with me. And I’m so blessed to be doing that even more in this past year.

I love teaching that comes from the Word of God.  I believe God has gifted some as teachers and preachers because His Word tells me just that.

But girls, we have to STOP putting Bible teachers on pedestals.  We do NOT need to treat them like rock stars.  We CANNOT assume that just because a certain teacher said it she is above reproach.  None of us are above that and we do a sister a disservice when we treat her that way.

Everything written in a bible study book, preached from a pulpit, or spoken from a platform MUST line up with God’s Word and it’s my responsibility and it’s your responsibility to make certain it does.  We have to take that message and open God’s Word and read it.  We have to consider it, meditate over it and pray about it.

Now, before we go one step further, let me state (again) that I LOVE strong teachers — and I’m blessed to be able to do their Bible studies and love that the Lord has given them this gift to serve the body.  I can’t tell you the times I’ve needed a Word from the Lord and a bible study teacher has pointed me along the way through a printed Bible study, a video or an in-person message.

Sadly there are some  who think that because someone stands on a platform or writes a book she is closer to God and this terrifies me because it is so FAR from God’s truth for your life.  God has gifted you for the path He has placed your feet on for this season in life.

When I see women shaking and trembling as they stand in the presence of just another Jesus girl (as I heard one sweet speaker call us), I wonder if she realizes that she too is just as gifted and just as worthy as the one of the platform?

When I see women tripping over themselves and elbowing sisters out of the way to get a little closer to a teacher because maybe some of that glory just might rub off, my heart breaks because
I know the only true source of this glory is time with Jesus.

Oh sweet sisters — the same God who places her on the platform is the God who calls you His beloved.  The same God who allows her to stand before hundreds and sometimes thousands is the God who calls you holy and righteous. The same God who gives her the message to speak over our lives in the God who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.

Sweet sister, you have the same God!  He’s yours, just receive Him.  Open your heart and allow Him to be Lord of your life.  Let Him reign supreme in your life.

Adore Him.  Worship Him.  Spend time with Him.  He desires it and He requires it.

I leave in the morning to for an event where I’ll be sitting under the teaching of another Bible study teacher — and I’m excited about what the Lord has for me.  I’m praying for her as she prepares a message for us.

I’m also praying for all those who will sit under this teaching -Lord, let them hear Your message loud and clear and let each one know she is precious to You.

Sweet girls if you’ve made it this far, I urge you to open your Bible to 1Peter 2:9 — and also to Ephesians 2:4-10, read this verses.  Open your heart to hear from the One who has called you to Himself. He has a plan for your life, an incredibly amazing plan that is only for you — no one else.  Just trust Him.