Okay — I’m done!  I don’t want to hear one more report on Obama, McCain, Biden or even my new BFF (to be) Sarah Palin! 

Here’s my idea — everyone running for President has to present the following:

voting record

financial record

permanent record …. yep, this is where it matters, the dreaded permanent record.  The one thing that teachers held over your head for 12 years.  “Young lady this is going on your permanent record.” 


I need to know all these things to make a well informed decision when I head to the polls.  I need to know:

Voting record — how did this candidate vote on the issues that are important to me.  I also want to know why he / she voted against something that is important to me.  I want to see how the bills / issues were bundled.  I’ve learned important issues are often bundled with some unpopular ones which can make the votes as confusing at my explanation of this issue.  Clear as mud?  Let’s just move on….

Financial record — how are you financially?  Bounced any checks lately?  Been late on the Beemer payment?  I need to know these things.  Also, how much of your income do you donate to worthy causes.

Permanent record — possibly the most important part!  Were you a troublemaker in school?  OR a bully?  Either way I want to know.  Now, let me state that I don’t mind a little rebel thing happening, but I don’t want to vote for a tattle tale or a bully.  I also don’t want to vote for a teacher’s pet — I don’t need to worry that you’re out there making buddies with Iraq or one of the other countries we currently don’t like.  I don’t know who that is these days…. Can you imagine the power of the permanent record?  Of course, I grew up in a time when we were often threatened with the dreaded Permanent Record as in “this will go on your permanent record.”  We didn’t have a clue what that meant… but it sounded awful. 

Okay, on second thought that whole permanent record thing.  . . . I know I don’t want people looking at what I did as a child and judging me on that.

Let’s just stick to the voting record and the financial record… let the rest of this stuff go. 

The upswing to all of this — no More Political Ads!  Every candidate would be required to provide these three things, no questions asked, no excuses accepted!   No more political commercials or mudslinging ads.  Nothing allowed.  Only these two things and the rest is up to the candidate to get to know the people. 

Now that’s politics I can handle!