Do you have news fatigue? Have you exhausted every possible outlet for toilet paper? Do you just want to laugh?

Join Mary & Melinda as they share slightly unhinged and definitely unqualified news!

Not-So-Official Podcast 

Why a podcast?

The easy answer is ‘why not?’ But there is more to this story. Melinda and I love to laugh and we love to talk about current events. We often find ourselves talking about what’s happening in the world and our take on those happenings — which is often a bit sarcastic and very tongue-in-cheek.

We decided to just share these discussions with the world – so there you have it.  Join us for discussions on the ridiculous, the ludicrous and the downright laughable events and happenings around the world.




Episode 100: The Elements of a Speaker One Sheet

Do you think of your one sheet as a sales tool? I know, even though we don't love the word "sales," it IS a sales tool to get your foot in the door with an event planner. Keep listening to find out what to put on your one sheet (and some no-no's!).   Want to chat...

Episode 99: The Power of You in Your Message

Have y'all ever heard that using the term "you" while speaking can sound accusatory? If so, keep listening! Today, I'll be debunking that myth for YOU. Want to chat outside the podcast? Then be sure to join my email list! Each week, I share a fun find that I think you...

Episode 98: How to Craft Your Story in Your Message

  How do you paint the picture of your story? What are you doing to draw people into your message? C'mon, let's talk about it!   Want to chat outside the podcast? I'd love to have you on my mailing list! Y'all will find lots of resources there, including my free...

Episode 97: Speaking & the Current Economy

  Are your speaker friends worried about the economy? Or maybe you're the one feeling this way? Then don't miss today's short but significant episode.   Want to chat outside the podcast? Then make sure to join my email list! I always try to include a fun find for...

Episode 96: How to Title Your Message

Have you ever heard a course title that was catchy and fun but didn't really explain what the course contained? That's not what you want, especially when it comes to booking a speaking engagement! So, stay tuned...   Want to chat outside the podcast? Great! Be sure to...

Episode 95: Master Your Message with a Checklist

Do you know what your message is before you get up on stage to speak? Is it A, B, and C, as well as X, Y, and Z? If you realize that you don't have enough clarity around your message, hold on! Because we are going to delve into that today.   Want to chat outside the...