Podcast Episode 3: Sophie Hudson

Oct 12, 2020

Sophie Hudson drops in and we talk about a bit of everything from the blessing that is Instagram filters to the need for an air conditioning requirement to be added to all speaker contracts (I’m kidding, sort of).

Sophie also shares her wisdom on what it means to be a speaker and her desire to serve her audience.  You don’t want to miss the wit, the wisdom and the laugh out loud moments with Sophie as she encourages you to “get after it!”

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Meet My Guest

Sophie Hudson

Sophie Hudson loves to laugh more than just about anything. Sophie hopes that through her stories, women find encouragement and hope in the everyday, joy-filled moments of life. In addition to her blog, Sophie speaks regularly to groups across the country and co-hosts The Big Boo Cast. A graduate of Mississippi State University and the author of five books, Sophie loves cheering like crazy for all the sports and watching entire seasons of TV shows in record time. She lives with her husband and son in Birmingham, Alabama.

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