Plus Jesus. 

Life plus Jesus. 

Me plus Jesus.

This sounds good and for many years I lived this way.  Life with a little Jesus sprinkled in for flavoring. 

I just added Jesus when needed.  If things got a little rough – plus Jesus.  If times got a little scary – plus Jesus.  Makes me think of the recipes that read – add salt to taste. 

I lived as if Jesus was something to spice up my life… or the afterlife.  He was what I did on Sundays and Wednesdays.  He was what I did when I tried to parent well, but He wasn’t my life.  He was an addition to my life.  I wanted to have it all – all my old junk (why in the world I wanted that stuff just boggles the mind) and I wanted my Jesus stuff. 

I learned you can’t have it all without giving it all up.  I had to surrender my life to Him to truly have Him become my life.  And when I did…. oh my, what joy!   

A life in Christ is not a life PLUS Jesus. 

Jesus is the life.  Jesus is MY life. 

for in Him we live, move and exist…Acts 17:28

I love this verse!  It speaks so much in so few words.  It’s a life in Him not plus Him.  It’s in Him I exist.  The very words take my breath away, but they are so true!  He is my very existence.

How often do I consider my walk with Him to be more about tomorrow, than about today? 

I focus so much on what I WILL do in Him that I  miss what He is doing in me. 

And what He’s doing is amazing.  His love and favor just blow me away. He is teaching me to see the world in a fresh light.  It’s an adventure – one that terrifies me and thrills me all at once.   

So, what is the Lord doing in your life today?