You know I LOVE all things girlfriends from long lunches with lots of laughter to knowing I can call on a sister when I need some encouragement or some serious prayer.  But I can’t STAND  it when we compete with each other.  You know the drill:  

 Comparing our children: Your Susie made an A, my Billy made an A+.( ‘Cause that’s why I got into this parenting gig so I could beat out the Jones with my super smart, super cute girls!)

The dreaded backhanded compliment:  Your hair looks good, those highlights are really covering up how gray you’re getting.  (Just loving on that sister, right there)

Using prayer to show our vast knowledge of gossip: I need y’all to pray for Susie.  She’s  under a lot of pressure on her and, I don’t know if y’all know this (which is code for listen real close because I got some serious good gossip) but Susie has a drinking problem. She’s real good about it (whatever that means), but I just need y’all to pray for her that she won’t go to drinking with all this pressure she’s got right now.  (This is the chick who’ll knock your feet right out from under you.  She gets the tiniest piece of information and she runs with it — she’s deadly).

Outright betrayal:  I shouldn’t say anything since she asked me not to, but I know you’ll keep a secret.  (This one is heartbreaking.  Some women trusted this friend enough to share a confidence with her and this is what happens.  Sad stuff).

Why do we go after each other?  Why do we compete?  And what are we competing for?  Attention?  A spot in some fabricated hierachy of our own design?

God’s called me to reach out to women in love and in truth.  I LOVE my sisters in Christ and I LOVE being with them.  I’m just heartbroken when I hear of friendship that’s broken through betrayal.  A women who’s become the subject of half-truths and lies. 

Notice the progression.  Starts out with small stuff and it grows until we are out betrayal of a trust. 

Girls we have to love each other.  It’s not a suggestion.  It’s a commandment. 

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.  John 13:34

I think we’ve got a handle on this tearing each other down (and hear me, I’m guilty of this, but please.  I am begging God to give me the strength to overcome.   God let me walk in Your wisdom today and beyond.  Let me honor my sisters and let me love then as you have commanded me to do.)

Girls, let’s get on with this loving one another thing

My friend Robyn has a challenge up!  She’s challenging us to be good to each other and to keep our goodness a secret.  Now that’s a challenge.  I believe we all want to do wonderful things for others, but we sure do want people to know about that good stuff.  

I’m up for this challenge and I encourage you to take part. Are you willing?