I’ve been home for four days.  Home from a 12 day adventure that was filled with wild, crazy and fun.  It was also filled with amazing women who love Jesus.  I was blessed to speak to five different groups — three in Oklahoma and two in Arizona.  All were different and I learned something each time I opened my mouth.   Isn’t it funny that I come to teach and share from God’s Word and I’m always the one who takes home a lesson.  Love how the Lord works that out.

My time is Pinetop First Baptist Church in Pinetop, Arizona was unique in so many ways  but the three that stand out the most:

  • five different churches came together under one roof
  • women ranging in age from 14 to 85
  • and I had as much revival as anyone in that room!

I’d stood before four other groups before getting to Pinetop.  This was my last teaching stop on the road trip.   The afternoon we arrived in Pinetop, my heart was heavy.  I was studying, reviewing, and preparing but something wasn’t clicking.  I told Melinda I needed some Jesus time.  I grabbed my Bible and headed for the bathroom.  I laid face-first on that Holiday Inn bathroom floor and asked the Lord to forgive me.

I’d spent the bulk of my time preparing for this trip by managing hotel reservations, car rental, getting books shipped, and all those other pesky details.  I’d allowed the busyness of the trip and the fun of the adventure to override the seriousness of what the Lord had for me. Certainly the trip was fun and I know the Lord wanted that for us, but He also had specific plans and I overlooked some of those for my own agenda.

I tried to do it all — and we aren’t created that way.  We are supposed to do it all together.  Certainly, Melinda was a great helper and she could have done more if I’d loosened my grip on a bit.

God has called each of us into His service in His way.  Some of us are called to speak, teach, make people laugh and others are called to handle details, manage logistics, make sure events come together, lead worship, encourage people, lead groups, preach and so much more.  Not one of  these is more important than the other, but when we try to do ALL of these we can get into trouble.  And that’s me.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m called to  teach and encourage women.  The Lord has been very clear on that part, but I’m not particularly good at singing, keeping things in order, or math (I don’t know if math is a spiritual gift, but I know this — I don’t like math and I’m not good at it unless we’re talking about a % off sale… and that’s a different story).

I can manage details, logistics, spreadsheets and all that snazzy administrative jazz — I do it for work all the time.  I can’t manage the details, logistics, spreadsheets and stand before a group to encourage & teach.  It’s like walking a chewing gum for me — something will fall. Either me or the gum out of my mouth.  Neither is pretty — trust me.

I was doing a good bit of walking and chewing on the road trip.  Finally I hit the wall in that bathroom in Pinetop, Arizona and I spit the gum right outta my mouth.  I let go of the details and let God do it all His way. If the contest didn’t happen, so what.  If the giveaways weren’t perfectly wrapped, so what.  All that mattered (and that matters) is that my heart is right with God and I’m walking in the center of His will for my life.

When I stood up before that group of precious women, I let Jesus have His way.  I was just the vessel.  We laughed together, and we got serious together.  We delved into God’s Word together.   We talked about setting aside our desires for God’s divine appointment.  And that’s what Pinetop was for me – a divine appointment.  Really, how else would this Alabama gal find herself before a group of wonderful ARizona gals?

I don’t know where you are or if you’re a “do it all ” girl, like me.  But I if you are I have a word for you:

STOP!  Stop it NOW!

God will bring people alongside you to manage those pesky details, but you have to STOP long enough for the other person to start.

What about you?  Are you trying to do it all?