This past weekend I spent some fun time with 1400 sweet friends… well, some of them I don’t know that well, but they are all  sweet!  (I refuse to believe there is one not-so-sweet one in the bunch).

I was at Lifeway’s new creation —  DotMom event — and if you’ve not heard about this you need to hightail your self right over to this website and check it out — Dot Mom Event.  

I was blessed to serve on the Mom Squad with an incredible bunch of girls including my sweet friends – Fran Thomas and Dedra Herod.  It was an absolute blast to encourage, laugh with, pray with and dance for the Moms and Dot Mom — and yes, you read that last part right.  DANCE.  I did some dancing… but we called it exercising, but it was more like DANCErcizing.  If you were there and you sat in the middle section on Saturday morning — I’m so sorry. Dancing is not my thing.  Neither is singing and sorry to the girls who sat in front of me while I got my praise on!

Sweet Dedra  also taught a breakout session — and I think there were at least 874 breakouts, but girls, there is something for everyone — from the brand new Mom to the Mom of the young adults.  I just loved every minute of it — from the incredible main session speakers — Angela Thomas, Vickie Courtney, Angie Smith, and Priscilla Shirer to worship with Melissa Greene and  the lunch field trip to the late night chips and salsa chats.

And then the Duggars just popped in — yes, those Duggars the ones with ALL those children.  They walked on the stage by height, no pushing, pulling, whining, or picking their noses.  I was SO impressed.  I raised two girls and trust me I couldn’t have managed that feat with my girls — and again, only two.

Here is my friend Sophie and waiting patiently to get the microphone from Jimbob — she just gave up and let him run with it.  I think Jimbob thought it was a try out for emcee for DotMom 2012 — but I’m happy to tell you Sophie and Melanie will be back as emcees next year!!  (They did a great job!)

Angela Thomas said it best when she likened the weekend to a bunch of Moms just passing notes — and it was truly like that.  So much information shared, so much to process, and so many blessings.  Friendships made, others renewed. Blessings all around.

If you’re a Mom out there in need of a few notes or a Mom with a few notes to share, make plans to come next year.  It was a blast and a blessing — I may be back, but then someone at Lifeway may have caught the dancing on video and if that is the case….oh, I’ll go either way.  And you should too!