It doesn’t seem like 17 years and I’m not ready for her to be 17.  That’s just one year from 18 — and then 19.

She came into our life 17 years ago today — all fair haired and blue-eyed.  We had a dark haired, dark eyed princess and she was to be the blonde baby princess.  She’s blonde, but princess is not a title she has ever aspired to.  She’s the baby of the family who rarely allows us to baby her.

She’s independent and strong-willed.  (She must get that from her Dad…)

She has a great sense of humor and a sharp wit.  She’s smart and fun to be with.  She is a rebel and a peacekeeper all at the same time.  She believes in pushing the envelope and challenging ideas that she doesn’t believe are right or fair.

She’s talking about college and life beyond but I’m not sure I’m ready.   New situations don’t scare her, they intrigue her.  She is fascinated by life beyond these days – and that’s good.  But hard on her Mom.  She is ready to soar, but we still have her tethered to the ground . . . for just a while longer.

I remember this


And this ….


but these days she looks more like this



I cherish every moment I have with her.  She is my FAVORITE blonde daughter.   Happy Birthday, Paige!