First, let me share that we are about one dog or one car away from the official title of Alabama Redneck. A title that requires you have more cars and more pets than you have people in your home. It’s not a title I’m looking to add to my resume (Christian wife, mom, writer, speaker and proud Alabama Redneck — not loving the sound of that)
We are the proud owners of five vehicles – and we only have three in the family who can drive. We’re also home to three dogs (one isn’t ours, but he’s lived at our house for over six years so I think we can claim him) and one cat. We have the maximum amount of pets and vehicles needed for a family of four — (and the maximum allowed to keep us from the Redneck role). At least, until Valentine’s Day.

Daisy is a Lab mix who’s 11 years old, Zeus is the neighbor’s dog who decided he would rather live with us, Margie is mondo- cat who looks like a black and white jersey cow and then there’s our baby dog– Max , who joined the family in June 2006. Our darling princess daughters and our princess niece, Taylor, rescued Max from the streets of downtown Oneonta, Alabama. He weighed three pounds when we brought him home – he now weighs 45 lbs, but acts like he weighs three.

Max stole our hearts – he’s absolutely adorable and we fell head over heels in love with that dog. We’ve always loved dogs, but we were outside dog people until Max came into our lives – Max sleeps at the foot of our bed. To say he is spoiled is an understatement.

Max under the Christmas Tree
On Valentine’s Day, Josh (soon to be son-in-law) gave our princess daughter, a Pomeranian puppy–Foxy Molly. She looks like a fox in the face and runs like a teddy bear hamster (all wiggly, wobbly). She’s adorable – Max hates her.

The first day he just looked at her and then ran & hid under the table. He now tolerates her, just barely. I know he’s thinking – there’s a puppy in a dress in my house, what’s up with that?

Molly wearing her pink dress and laying across my leg

For now there’s a truce – she stays off of his bed and he’ll tolerate her. He would appreciate it if Molly would stop using his tail has a chew toy.

So, I guess it’s official – we now have more pets and cars then we have people in our home – we’re Alabama Rednecks.