I like to be comfortable.   I am a fan of the easy.  I  don’t like to stretch myself.  But God has other plans.  He pushes me out of my comfort zone  and into the unknown.   I try to follow His lead.

I was all ready to stand up on that comedy club stage for five whole minutes and entertain people.  Well, I wasn’t really ready, I was just willing.   And then it was cancelled — and I was RELIEVED!  Whew!

Apparently God didn’t want me to do this.  At least, that’s what I told myself.  I was off the hook.

I knew I had to try again.  I have to step into that uncomfortable place and trust what God has called me to do.   I’m rescheduled at the comedy club for June 16th.

It’s back to the grind of preparing to do something that I’m not comfortable with.  I am comfortable speaking to large groups.  I use humor every time I speak or teach.  But God has called me to use humor to cast a wider net.  I’m out of my comfort zone.  But I’m stepping out in God’s plan.

Is God calling you to something that isn’t exactly in your comfort zone?

Are you willing to go into the uncomfortable?