We’re in Gulf Shores this week and if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to enjoy the Gulf Coast you’re probably thinking….


if you think in pictures like me.

Maybe some of this img_0023

After all this is Gulf Shores, right?  White sands, rolling surf.  Right? 

What if I showed you this


did this make you think Gulf Shores? 

What about this:


or this


This is the Gulf Shores that time forgot.  These pictures are of the Bon Secour River, just a few miles from the Bay of Mobile…. in fact, we took the boat to the mouth of the Bay. 

This is the Gulf Shores that is  just beyond the grip of the coastal waters where high rise condos and brightly painted houses line the spit of land between water and road. 

This is the Gulf Shores that still looks a lot like the days of old.  The spanish moss still hangs thick in the trees, people fish or shrimp for a living, and peaceful days can still be found.

These  quiet places on the Bon Secour river are just minutes from the fun of the white  beaches, but far enough away to let you relax.

I’ve never seen this side of Gulf Shores, yet it’s always been here. It’s not hard to find.  I’ve just never looked.  How much is this like my interaction with people?  How often do I just not see the other side of a person because the flashy, fun side is so promiment. 

It’s so easy to get blinded by the bright white sand of beaches and people, but look what you may be missing:



and this blog4

and so much more. 

Sometimes I have to get away to realize what I’m missing right were I am. 

This week God used my expectations of a beach town to make me realize that I don’t look beyond the obvious for the unexpected.  I live my life in a safe place, but no longer.  I want to see the unexpected and be surprised or even shocked. 

What about you:?  Do you look beyond the obvious?