This is the first year in ….. let me see my oldest is 23 and the baby girl is 16 …. oh, let’s just say a whole big ole bunch of years that I haven’t driven a child to school on the first day.

I would like to tell you I had lots of sadness over this, but honestly I didn’t even realize it until today.  School started yesterday.  Right now I’m trying to decide if I’m sad that a season of my life is over or happy that I no longer have to rush out of the door to make the 7:30 am deadline.  And just as an aside, who in their right mind, thinks it’s a good idea to start school so stinkin’ early?  Seriously people, can’t we just start school around 9ish or so?

I’m going to go with happy.  I like this new found freedom — and please, don’t throw rocks, I’ve been hauling a child or two  to school for 17 years or so.  My word, I’m ready to move on with things.

Not that I won’t miss sitting in the car line for what feels like 4 hours but is more like 20 minutes — and I did it before everyone had cell phones, much less iPhones.  Ohh, now I just sounded old, didn’t I? Well, let me tell y’all…. back in my day.  YIKES!

I will miss hanging out with my girl every morning on the way to school and picking her up each afternoon,  but I got over that last year when she started driving.


They grew up while I was busy driving them to school.  It may be the end of one season of my life, but it’s the start of another season.  I’m excited about what is next for me.  I’m in that place of waiting right now.  I have some ideas where I may be going, but only God knows for sure.   I’m just walking this walk and trying not to tell God what’s next.   He just seems to have a better grasp of this whole future thing  — I tend to make a mess of it.

So are you walking on any new paths these days?