Charity and Josh showed up at house last Sunday night with a late Christmas present.  Since I’ve been known to give silly, goofy presents I thought that’s what they were up to. 

The present was for both me and Vaughn – when I opened …. I thought what is this?  something for the dog?  a dog shirt? 

And then I pulled it out – a bib!  On my word!! 

Yes, my oldest girl, Charity, is expecting!  I’m beyond thrilled and so is Vaughn.  We cannot wait for this baby to get here, but wait we will and pray and plan and enjoy every moment of this. 

I am so excited about this pregnancy by proxy – I get to enjoy each step of the way, shop for all manner of baby stuff, and watch that baby grow in her belly.  I’ll get the joy of spoiling him or her rotten and then sending her or him home to Mom and Dad. 

All the fun of parenting without all the stress of getting it all right.  I get to love on, hug, cuddle, rock and coo over a baby without having to handle all the other junk.

I’m in the midst of planning my name —

Gran, MeMe, Gigi, Gaga (maybe not), MawMaw (nope), Granny (no!), and from my friend Janet – GranMary! 

So not only am I getting new name, I’m taking on a new role.  This is an incredible blessing! And trust me, I’ll keep you posted on this blessing!