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I help nonprofits find and craft the stories that connect to the heart of your donors, open their wallets, so you can do more good in the world.

Hi, I’m Mary!

And I believe that telling the right stories has the power to inspire people to join your work and give to your cause.  With two decades in the nonprofit realm, I’ve run the gamut from solo ventures to powerhouse organizations.  I’ve produced hunters of events for organizations from intimate gatherings to nationwide campaigns.  And the number one difference I’be found between a total flop and a breakthrough success is . . . storytelling.  That’s why I guide storytellers within your organization to find their unique voice, then craft powerful stories that inspire action from your supporters.

I stand out in the sea of storytelling coaches because I deliver more than a. narrative.  My mission?  To weave your story into a storytelling event, designing the strategies that don’t just tug at the heartstrings but willingly open wallets.  

Let’s not just tell a story; let’s start a movement and change the world

I’ve helped organizations like yours:

Impact the lives of over half a million people across the globe

Release over 200,000 children out of poverty

Raise over $150 million for causes in numerous countries

Let’s Craft Stories for your:

Live Events

Donor Conversations

Fundraising Videos

Capital Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Annual Reports

Impact Studies

Volunteer Recruitment

Mary is a gifted communicator and excels at helping others unlock their ability to tell a powerful story. Compassion has benefitted from Mary’s partnership and her expertise in helping others tell the story of God’s work through Compassion’s children and church partners. I highly recommend using Mary in any and all of your communication needs.

Brian Seay
Director of Virtual Events & Partnerships, Compassion International

Mary stepped in and helped us create an event and tell the story that showcased the work we do around the world. Mary’s guidance helping me craft a fundraising appeal wasn’t just practical, it was so compelling that we exceeded our goal over $100K! Mary’s expertise made this happen.

Sami McDonald
Proverbs 31 Ministries, Director of Fundraising

Mary Snyder is nothing short of amazing! Working with her is not just productive, it’s downright enjoyable. She has an incredible knack for drawing out and crafting stories that bring our mission to life in ways that deeply connect with everyone involved.

Her blend of expertise, experience, and positivity significantly contributed to the success of our event. She helped UpRise create an experience that has lingered in our attendees’ minds long after it was over. She is a source of inspiration, pushing us to make each event not just successful but unforgettable.

Carole Peterson
Executive Director, UpRise Nashville

There I was, sitting in a dimly lit room, the air heavy with expectation. On the screen before me, images flickered—children in dire need, their faces surrounded by a cloud of flies, their bellies painfully swollen. A wave of guilt washed over me, a stark reminder of the abundance in my own life. Then, those words cut through the silence, “Without you, they will die.” I felt a surge of anger. “How dare they!” I thought. “They don’t know me or my story.”

It felt all wrong.

This wasn’t the way to spark genuine support. It felt like manipulation, and that’s just not who I am or what I stand for.

At that moment, I made a promise to myself. I would tell a different kind of story—a story brimming with hope and the promise of what could be. I wanted to light a path of inspiration, inviting people to walk alongside me as we journeyed towards making a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. That’s my mission.

You see, I’m so much more than just a storytelling coach. I’m your guide in crafting compelling narratives, in creating events that leave a lasting impression, and in strategizing ways to genuinely open the hearts and wallets of your supporters.

Together, we’re not just sharing stories; we’re changing the world, one hopeful chapter at a time.

Guilt people to give?
Manipulation for the cause?

Nope – that’s not me.  I  inspire people with stories that touch hearts, stir souls, and change the world.