My book about girlfriends is coming out in a few months…I’m pretty jazzed!!!   Between now and then I have some  work to do.

Along with editing and brainstorming the book title,  I asked if I could have a pre-reader group.  My sweet editor jumped at the idea… well, not in the literal sense, but you get my meaning.

So this is where you come in.  I’m  putting together a team of women who are willing to read a chapter or two and share some feedback.  I want gutsy women who are willing to speak the truth.  I want to know what you think.  I want to hear about your experiences with girlfriends.  I need to know if this is a book that meets a need for you and your girlfriends.

Girls, I want to be serious for a minute -  I want this book to matter to the Kingdom.  Above ALL ELSE I want God to be glorified in this work. I know that He has called me to it and I know that He can do amazing things with my pathetic efforts, but I also KNOW that I can jump in and mess up things.

I need a few girls who are willing to invest a few hours in reading a chapter or two of the manuscript and answering some simple questions. 

Are you willing?  If so, just click here ——-> Mailing List

If you sign up, I’ll get your information to my editor and we’ll get you a pre-release copy to read. 

Thank you for stepping up to help this girl out!

(Can I just add that I’m terrified no one will sign up….. just being real)