This past weekend is so full of all things fun, wonderful, spiritual and food related that I don’t think my words will do it justice.  Therefore, I give you my first recap list…..

1. My baby girl rocked in the play, Thoroughly Modern Millie



2. My l life took a turn for the surreal  when I found myself sitting next to Chonda Pierce during Praise at Extraordinary Women Conference in Bham  — but what a blessing she is!


3. Weird thing #1 — looking for a sick cat in the bathroom and realizing the noise I heard was the auto flush. 

4. Finding myself alone in the BJCC with the cleaning crew — let me rephrase, the non-English speaking cleaning crew — at the end of Friday night.  Moment of panic turned to ‘wow, what a great thing to blog about’ thoughts and I realized that I’m sick.  My life is about to become a bad movie of the week involving dark halls, empty arenas, and some overall wearing, hatchet carrying  guy named Cletus   and I’m thinking about my blog. 

5. Relief when I found an English speaking production guy who walked me out of the loading dock — thank you Mr. Production Guy for showing me how to get out and for NOT having a hatchet. 

6. Matthew West performing live.  Love The Motions!

7. Getting my praise on with NewSong – these guys can lead worship!  I’m telling you, I was all up out of my seat… even when they said to sit down. 

8. Listening to Angela Thomas talk about freedom to be real!  Wow! That Girl can bring a word – and she does it with a Southern accent.  God’s Word just gets to me a little faster when I hear it in a Southern Accent. 

9. Eating  the best chicken EVER and banana pudding with Pam  & Paige from Lifeway Women  — these are two wild, wonderful, and godly women!!



 10.  Blogging for Extraordinary Women conference and getting to meet so many EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN (and some wear boas — those are the  Chonda Pierce Turboas!) img_0553

11. Meeting with my twitter / blogging friends at a local restaurant to hang out with Pam & Paige from Lifeway (see number 9). 

12. Getting to work with Beth Cleveland who is Director of Extraordinary Women  – this girl is so organized it scares me a little.  See I stood really close to her in hopes some of the organizing stuff would rub off.  At the looks of my desk, I don’t think it worked.


So many more good things to share — see all types of wonderful friends, like Suzi Q. and her sisters.  Kristi, Vanessa, Diane, Carol and so many more!  They all blessed me so very much!

Whew!  I’m exhausted!  But it’s a great exhausted.  This weekend was such a blessing!  And I was so humbled and honored to be involved.  If you get a chance to go to an Extraordinary Women’s Conference — RUN!  Get there!  Don’t miss this!