If you know me, you know I love the post it notes.  All shapes, all sizes – from the itty bitty flags to the big week at a glance calendar post-it. 

Just the other day my youngest girl walked in my office, took a long look around and announced “Mom, post its are not an organizational system.”  Bless her heart, she’s only 17 and doesn’t know the ways of life.  I love to organize by post-it.  A strategically placed hot pink, heart shaped post-it will grab my attention quicker than a clanging symbol. 

You can only imagine my happy when I stumbled over this:


superstickies (1)


superstickies (2)

superstickies (3)


superstickies (4)


I want y’all to play along – here’s the link to make your own super stickies… since we know they aren’t official Post-it notes since they don’t return my calls or rather emails.   Moving on….

So have fun and make your own post it super sticky notes!!