Okay, I know it’s still September, but I like to plan ahead …. okay, stop laughing.  I rarely, if ever, plan ahead for anything.  I just booked a cruise for me and my man and we sail in two weeks.  I LOVE that last minute, but TODAY I’m sharing something that will help out my fellow procrastinators.


It’s CHRISTMAS Cards — and not just ANY cards, these are certifiably ADORABLE cards from Minted!

Minted contacted me and asked if I’d share a little bit about them with y’all and after looking at their products, I said “OF COURSE I will!”

They have great photo cards!  Some of the cutest styles I’ve seen and trust me, I shop the Christmas cards.  (I was going to put another exclamation point behind that sentence, but I believe I’ve overused my exclamation points today).

They also have some great personalized cards that you don’t require photos.  This makes my heart soar.  I can’t tell you the HOURS I’ve spent trying to figure out which picture to put on the card. The stress of selecting that JUST RIGHT photo takes years off my life — and it makes me want to drink lots of wine.  So I love the Minted has cute cards that eliminate this issue for me…. although I may still drink the wine.

Take a look at this great styles:

Minted I LOVE this. It’s a year in review card that looks like an old library card!  And if you don’t know what an old library card looks like — shut up and go away.  I’m just kidding.  Stay.  If you don’t know what an old library card looks like …. well bless your young heart.

If you’re on my list, this may be the card you get this year… maybe!

And I also love that most all cards can be customized for Christmas of New Year’s. Sometimes life is JUST crazy and I don’t get the cards out… this is the card I will send:

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  and of course I adore the vintage look of this card.

Head over to Minted and enjoy!!