Ahh, yes another week of reality tv.  I just watched the Bachelor, “Women Tell All” show and it was …. well, long and drawn out.  No ephiphanies.  Then again that rarely happens on The Bachelor, but there’s always “The MOST DRAMATIC rose Ceremony EVER” to hold my attention. 

I’m a fan of all things Reality, well, make that all things Reality TV.  Reality itself is a bit overwhelming at times.  

I’m working on finding spiritual references  in all my  reality shows from The Bachelor and The Amazing Race to Top Chef and Pet Groomer – haven’t found them yet, but I’m not one to give up this challenge easily.  I’ll keep watching ’cause I’m real dedicated like that.

Tonight one of the girls on The Bachelor, Natalie I think, talked about being out of her element and disconnected and how that makes her feel.  Which was strange because Chris (Bachelor announcer guy and now therapist to Jason) didn’t ask her about that,  but this is the same girl who when  Jason asked “So tell me about yourself?”  responded with “I like bears.”  Maybe she thought the question was “what’s your favorite animal”?’ 

What did Chris ask her?  I don’t even remember, but I doubt it was relevant. 

However ditsy the whole conversation was, what she said about being cut-off hit me hard. I thought about being disconnected from phone, email, texting, facebook, twitter, and just good ol’ face to face conversations.  I’d hate it.  Can you imagine being cut off from everyone?  I’d probably fall for Jason, too. 

I’m so connected to so many people from my family and friends to work acquaintances and my bloggy friends, not to mention my need for Facebook therapy and now,  my Twitter fix.  What if I were cut off from all of it?  How would I react?  Would the quietness deafen me?  Would the lack of constant interaction intimidate me?  Would I crumble under the weight of finding something  to entertain my brain while I was disconnected? 

Or would I use the time to draw closer to God.  So many times I’ve asked God for His help in managing an overfilled schedule.  So many times I’ve approached the throne of grace and asked that God allow me to write fulltime.  I asked for these things and then spend waaaay tooooo much time playing on Facebook and Twittering, when I should be knee deep in the Word.  I seek God’s face when it’s easy for me, but it’s time to toss off that easy stuff and start digging.  God has so much to say to me through His word. I just have to go there with Him.

God has so many things working in my life that I could be a Reality Show — maybe not. But He does have some amazing stuff happening in my life.  The book is still out there and I’m blogging for the Girls Getaway Cruise in 2010 and for Thelma Well’s Ready to Win Cruise, but  there’s much more that I hope to tell you in the very near future.  God is just pouring blessings all over my head.  Don’t you just love it when He does that.

Honestly, I’m glad not to be completely disconnected — I’d miss you all too much.  I’m committed to spending more time with the Lord in study and just in devotion to Him. 

Nothing fancy, just walking with Him.  He doesn’t need me to log 0n, power up or download an application — He’s always there.  In the noise of my well-connected life, He’s always there waiting for me.

He is my rock and my salvation. 

He brought me up from a desolate pit, out of the muddy clay and set my feet on a rock, making my steps secure.  PS 40:2

Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter area all fun, but it’s in Him I find my steps secure.  I’m incredibly greatful that God smiles on this mess of a woman and called me to share His joy with others.

God bless and keep all of you.