When I started as a speaker I didn’t have a clue what I was doing – I just had a burning passion to serve God and I know He called me to speak.  So i went and I failed.  Many times.

No really – I was not good.  I could talk.  I could make people laugh, but I didn’t know how to develop a message so I would grab a few passages of scripture and I’d create a big opening and then I would wing it.

You can’t wing it and make your message meaningful – at least I couldn’t.  I don’t know one speaker who can.  Every professional speaker works on her message.

So… I created a checklist just for you!

This is the checklist I wish I’d had when I started speaking.  The checklist walks you through how to master your message – it is the nine elements you need to create a powerful message.

Now you have the checklist that you can use to work on yours! I call it the Master Your Message Checklist!