I got up EARLY this morning… before 6am early.  I had to be dressed, made up, hair brushed and reasonably coherent by 8:30am.  Oh, and I had to be across town at the local TV station by that time, too.

A local morning show had me (and my book) on as a guest today.  After anxious hours picking clothes, planning hair and doing makeup I arrived at the station all ready to go!

I signed in at reception.  Sat down on the couch.   I waited.  And waited and then waiting some more.

Finally this cute, young girl taps me on the shoulder and says… ‘ are you the one with the God, Girlfriend something  book?’  I nod and she motions for me to follow.

We wind through an office filled with cubicles and the noise of early morning office chatter.

And  there it is – the SIGN that reads ‘On Air’ – whoa!  I thought I’d at least get to ask someone how my makeup looked or if my hair was working. Let’s not EVEN talk about  my dreams of a makeup artist with a snazzy apron on to hold all her brushes & magic wands.   But nope, none of that — we were walking through the door and smack up in the middle of the studio.

Mystery girl (since I still don’t know her name, title, anything) directs me to a sofa and then hands me a microphone to clip on my blouse.  I run the wire under and attach.  And then I wait.

A few minutes pass. we go to commercial break and one of the two hosts walks over, sits across from me and asks me a couple of simple question…. and then it’s “4 seconds” and we go live.

We chat for about 2 minutes and I’m done.

I got up early, did my makeup, fixed my hair and put on cute clothes…. I even put bronzer on my arms for this?

But I’m blessed — I manage to say ‘Jesus Christ is the foundation for all relationships’ and I was pretty thrilled to put that out there.

So — how was your day?