Today in church our worship leader (go Nancy!!) asked “Did you see them?” 

Now, I start racking my brain — oh, no what we were supposed to see?  Did we miss the big whatever?

Then she says “Did you see the Jonquils?”  Which I still call buttercups.   Spring is springing up around here.  The buttercups are popping up.

We got home today and I looked around my yard — my buttercups were broken down.  Wonder which dog did that?    I picked them so we could enjoy them in a vase as opposed to looking at them laying flat on the ground.

After picking the buttercups I was overtaken with a desire to pick a bunch o’ stuff from my yard and make some kind of arrangement.  Let me add that this rarely happens to me unless people are coming to the house, but today I just wanted to pick some stuff and cram it in a vase.  And we have this pretty pink vase-y thing that Paige got pageant flowers in.  So why not.

I present my first Spring arrangement (which could easily be my only arrangement of flowers for 2009)

Flowers o' mine

Flowers o' mine

God is good!  And He sends us pretty flowers to remind us that Spring is coming. 

I just love how He continually cares for me and blesses me beyond all measure and much more than this mess-of-a-woman deserves.