I just can’t stand it when I lose something!  It drives me nuts.  The sad thing is I lose stuff all the time.  Connection?  I think not.  My being nuts as nothing to do with all the lost things in my life…. well, maybe a little.

Back to my problem with losing things.  If I misplace something I’ll tear the house down trying to find it.  It doesn’t matter what if I’m looking for my favorite capris or a pack of breath mints.  Value or usefulness is not in this equation, I just want to find it. Whatever it may be. 

I wish I were this diligent about people who drift out of my life. 

I don’t turn over every leaf looking for you.  I don’t tear through drawers and search through closets.  I may make a call or send a card, but I usually do nothing.  It’s not that I don’t care. I do.  It’s that I’m so caught up in my life that I just don’t take the time to invest in looking. 

Maybe I should spend more time seeking out lost people and less time worried about where I put that pack of gum.