Because I'm the eternal optimist I'm looking for the silver lining in this whole “the book is canceled” thing. 

Here is my silver lining list:

  1. I can eat chocolate and call it therapy
  2. don't have to worry about where to have the major book release party (whew! like that was a problem)
  3. I can eat more chocolate
  4. don't have to worry about which cities I should include in the multi-city book-signing tour
  5. people give me chocolate since nothing says “I'm sorry you lost your book deal” better than a big ol' bar of chocolate
  6. don't have to worry that I've forgotten to thank someone in the acknowledgements (but considering I had about three full pages thanking everyone from my high school English teacher to the maker of wonderful Scotsman ice (or, as it's known to some, Sonic ice, I don't think that's a real concern)
  7. chocolate makes me feel happier and I need to feel happier
  8. don't have to worry about hiring those big muscle guys to keep the paparrazzi at bay (wait, that was when I was dreaming of being a Super Star)
  9. chocolate is my friend
  10. I can start the process of researching a new publisher all over again….
  11. I can eat all the chocolate I want, there's no pictures needed for a press kit

There you have it — 11 reasons to be happy about the book deal taking a nosedive. 

I am off to start the process again.  The praying, the researching, the praying, the reading, the praying, the … oh, you get the idea. 

Prayers and chocolate.  That seems to be a winning combination for me.

Thanks for all who are praying for me.  Your support has been wonderful.  I'm excited about where God is taking me next.  Don't worry I'll keep you all posted.